ABC African Instruments

Illustration and Graphic Design of the book ABC African Music, from Emma Dowuona-Hammond.

ABC African Instruments is an illustrated alphabet book showcasing a variety of musical instruments from the African continent. It is the first book of its kind laying out a basic introduction to the historically rich culture of African music.
A mixture of 26 beautifully-illustrated instruments are presented, one instrument per letter, from the Adungu – a percussive string instrument from Uganda, the Kora – a well-known string instrument from West Africa, to the Vuvuzela – a popular horn from South Africa, to make up this informative children’s reference book. It provides a practical key to each illustration explaining which musical family the instrument belongs to, a map showing its origin, and what materials are used in its construction. Additionally, there are two ‘fact bubbles’ giving more context to each instrument.

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    Emma Dowuona-Hammond




    Editorial + Graphic Design